Premier Facilities Management

Fairview Facilities Management is a full service sports facility management company dating back to 2005. Facilities currently under management include multi-sheet ice arenas with full service fitness centers, pro-shops, and snack bars. In addition, each facility has a sit down restaurant with a full liquor license.

Revenue Generation and Expense Stabilization

We employ numerous techniques to market a facility and build revenue generating programs. We have proven strategies for mitigation some of the seasonal nature of the revenue streams. Also, by employing our expertise in scheduling, we optimize efficiency and this revenue potential throughout the entire year. On the expense side, our expertise allows us to minimize expenses by operating facilities most efficiently. This is achieved by properly managing onsite employees, developing proper maintenance programs, and wisely managing capital expenditures on all systems regardless of cost.

Mechanical Expertise

Our team has many years of experience and a deep knowledge of the mechanical systems of ice rinks. This allows us to run buildings in the safest and most efficient manner. In older, or distressed properties we are able to identify deferred maintenance issues and implement new maintenance procedures and critical Cap-X projects.

Our Services

From basics like cleaning, to high-end specialist services such as workplace management and energy consultancy, we provide custom integrated facilities management solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.

Our pioneering integrated approach to facility management ensures that we take more than just your base service requirements into account. From day one, we work closely our clients to assess everything from their geographical and business profile, all the way through their existing working culture.

No matter what the level of facility management that you require, we pride ourselves on giving you both the efficiency savings of outsourcing, tied with the same degree of control you would have if you provided these services in house.