Our Mission

Fairview Facilities Management is a full service sports facility management company dating back to 2005 currently managing the Fox Valley Ice Arena in Geneva, IL and The Leafs Ice Centre in West Dundee, IL. Both facilities are multi-sheet ice arenas with full service fitness centers, pro-shops, and snack bars. In addition, each facility has a sit down restaurant with a full liquor license.

One of the unique aspects of our management experience and what gives us an absolute competitive advantage over other management companies is our success in turning around, Fox Valley Ice Arena, The Leafs Ice Centre, both previously failing facilities. Both facilities were in foreclosure with buildings and programs in serious decline due to gross mismanagement. As we were able to demonstrate to ownership by turning both facilities into the premier operations of their kind, management was the issue. Both facilities are currently among the finest and most profitable in the country. FVIA, for example, has gone from a completely distressed operation in foreclosure to being identified as one of the top ten facilities in the country as determined by Kraft Hockeyville USA and USA Hockey. Our experience in achieving this outstanding success under such difficult circumstances, gives us a unique perspective on management mistakes that lead to project failures. In short, we’ve fixed it all because we’ve seen it all.